Zach Gosteli

Zach Gosteli
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Bike Year
Bike Motor
1959 FLH 83” PanShovel with Lectron Carb & Morris Mag
What have you done?
Rebuilt the 39mm with raceTech springs, and 6over tubes, RamJet brake adapters and HD CVO brembo brakes.
Rebuilt and resealed the FLH engine with 4.5” wheels, S&S Shovelheads and oil pump, Morris Magneto, Lectron Carburetor, FNA intake seals, carb support & mag cover. Highly modified a cone shovel Thunderheader to work with panhead cases and the Ben Jeff single downtube frame. Mounted the tank, oil bag and fender mounts. Cut up the bars to fit the Vitzy Panhead risers. Spaced out the wheels and brake set up.
What do you have left to do?
So much……
Brake spacing, brakes lines, miscellaneous hardware, all the little details that take all of the time.
Any problems so far?
All of them! Time money happiness and spacing
Favorite part of the bike so far?
The mix of old and new parts, go fast parts, and especially all of the FX history. XLCR 18” rear wheel, FXRP, front wheel and fork, Ben Jeff FX frame. The short narrow Thunderheader, and late model bagger brembo brakes.
Favorite part of the competition?
The friendship and banter between the builders. I’m really stoked on old friends and new ones that are side by side in the long nights, hundreds of hours working and the text messages motivating, talking trash and keeping it fun.
Shout outs:
Mike at Olive Street Specials in Ventura for letting me work out of his shop and helping me keep the ball rolling and morale high as well anyone that has helped out, answered a question, made me laugh or said anything positive. Thanks to anyone who’s made it through reading all this.