Biltwell People’s Champ 2020 / Final 6-Pack

Your job in this democratic process is to select the Final 6 builders who will compete at Cook’s for the title of 2020 Biltwell People’s Champ, the Friday night before Born Free. Every vote counts!

Please scroll through each of the builder’s latest descriptions and photos below, and dive deep into their Instagram feeds to determine your favorites. Use the poll at the bottom of this page to vote. You must pick six builders to complete the poll.

We will announce the Final 6-Pack of finalists sometime Monday the 20th on Instagram and Facebook: @biltwell_peoples_champ and @biltwell

Biltwell People's Champ - James Alcorn

James Alcorn (Fish)

Jacksonville, FL
Instagram: @alleywaykustoms
51 HD Panhead

So, here’s a little update on the progress of the bike:
Since the last round of voting my plan moving forward was to get as much of the fab work done as possible and get ready for teardown and I’m about 90% complete.

My idea to tuck the exhaust into the frame took a little longer than expected but I’m super happy with the way it turned out.Foot controls are just about complete, and I’m Really digging the function of the clutch pedal.

I also switched out the stock pan rockers to some original cycle engineering ones to beef up the motor and start changing up the overall finish
Right now I’m working on finishing up some of the headlight and taillight designs, and trying to get some ideas together for Whatever Paint I’m going to do!!

Overall though, I just want to say how much I really appreciate the opportunity to do this competition and thank you to all of the people involved!!! I never thought I was going to make it this far!!

Good luck to all of the other builders out there, everyone really stepped it up, I’m sure this cut is going to be a tough one!!
Anyway, appreciate everyone checking out the bike, and if you like what you’re seeing please give me a vote!!


Biltwell People's Champ - Steven Bate

Steven Bate

Birmingham, AL
Instagram: @dixiana_co
1981 Yamaha virago 920r
Bike name : Rebel Yell

This bike is a compilation of ideas that have been floating around in my head for years now and I’m finally getting to see them come to reality. I’ve had my ups and downs through out the build process but I’ve stayed busy and determined to do my absolute best work possible. The entire bike is basically all hand made including the springer, frame, tanks, sissy bar, the head light and tail light etc. about the only thing I didn’t make from scratch or modify heavily is the front wheel and rear fender. When I set out to start this bike I knew I wanted to do as much if not all the work myself to really challenge my capabilities and I couldn’t be more happy with how things are coming along no matter the set backs I’ve faced. As far as what’s next I need to get the fabrication complete and make the seat pan so I can get the parts sent out to chrome and upholstery. Some details that are looked over will be the “oil tank” is actually the gas tank with an internal low pressure fuel pump that will feed the top tanks through the frame so that the top split tanks will not have Gas caps at all it will all be filled and fed from the lower tank. I also plan on modifying the cases to add a kick start and I am in the process of designing an ignition system that will use more common and serviceable points style ignition in place of the almost non existent and non tunable tci ignition.

Biltwell People's Champ - Landon Bateman

Landon Bateman

Salt lake city Utah
Instagram: @batescycles
51 HD Pan Shovel

UPDATE! Alright folks here is my final update for my peoples champ build rightfully named the Hard Way! I have got a ton of stuff done since the last vote. Full exhaust build, hid the ignition coil in the oil bag and ran the wires through the backbone,made foot peg mounts, headlight mount, figured out my taillight  swapped the front star hub for a killer spool hub and added a 1/8th in lip on all the sheet metal and down the center of the chopped down sporty tank to match the ripped rear fender. I am so close to being done I can taste it! Last things to do before tear down are making a seat, building new bars (ones shown are for mock) build my shifter then run all my oil lines and brake lines and completely wire the bike and a ton of finish work. I really want to sand cast a carb bird deflector but I have not done casting before so we will see how it goes! Plans for paint is black with thin traditional flames on tank, fender, oil bag and frame, everything else on the bike will be show polished or chromed. Motor and transmission will be built by myself. She is going to be bad to the bone and ready to ride! Being that this is my first full build I have really tried to push myself on this bike and try to do as many things as possible by myself and try to put my mark on everything I can, keep in mind when I started this project I had never picked up a tig torch! I am extremely proud of were this bike sits now I truly put all that I have into this bike. I want to thank @biltwell and all the other sponsors that make peoples champ happen it means a ton to us little guys. This competition has really forced me to complete my bike at a higher level then I had even initially wanted or thought I could accomplish. Thanks to everyone that has supported me along the way I could not of finished this bike without the help and support of family and friends!

If you dig my build and what I’ve been up to give me a vote and help me get to the final 6 and get a chance at being in the legendary born free show!

Biltwell People's Champ - Ty Branum

Ty Branum

San Luis Obispo, California
Instagram: @Tyballs1
1970 Ironhead Digger

The time is here again to give power to the people. Six builders will share their creative talents with the world. Exciting!

I’ve been able to turn my dream into a reality. A molded digger straight out of my 1970’s fantasy. I wanted the challenge of building as much as I could, everything handmade by me and all one of a kind.

I am in the final tear down phase. Finish welding, prepping for paint and sending off for chrome is what remains. The seat heads to the talented Rich Santana at Santana Interior Designs to lay down stitches with leather and velvet.

I’m excited to share this build at Cooks Corner. Help me to get it there! 

Biltwell People's Champ - Ryan Burdick

Ryan Burdick (Burd)

Lancaster, CA
Instagram: @carnivalburd
74 Shovelhead

Hello everyone, here we are at the final stages of voting. This has been a amazing experience for me and I couldn’t be more stoked on how my bike Desert Sunset is shaping up. Currently it’s all ripped apart and getting welds smoothed out. I still have some sheet metal molding to do on the oil tank and seat area. Then it’s all off to paint and chrome. The bike colors will represent the beautiful desert sunsets we get to see every night. I hope the voting in this round is based off of the efforts, skills and style of the bikes and not the popularity of the individual due to social media world. Ether way the outcome, I will have a amazing bike that represents my town and it’s chopper legends that have inspired me since the beginning. Thank you all for the amazing support and I hope to see you all at cooks corner. Special thanks to my wife for being my biggest supporter, I love you so much.

Biltwell People's Champ - Kenny Diehl

Kenny Diehl
From Southgate, Michigan
Instagram: @K_diehl
1967 Shovelhead Long Bike

I’m building a 1967 Generator Shovel 84” Long Bike. Where we stand now we have the front end done and just figuring out lights and bars so it’s a comfy ride. Gas tank is done and ready to start adding some flair (each chopper requires 35 pieces of flair), oil bag is done with a top secret passage way that feeds oil into the battery cavity to an oil filter and then back to the tank and also ready for flair, rear wheel is tried and centered, rear fender is mounted waiting to be sissified along with some flair, couple trans bits repaired, motor and trans will start being put back together soon. We still gotta figure out headlights which I think we got covered along with bars, brake pedal, foot clutch, jockey lever, sissy bar, and seat. Then we are off to clean everything up and send out for paint and chrome. Thank you to my loving fiancé, my family, my friends, Biltwell, Born Free, and all out sponsors.

Biltwell People's Champ - Steve Glennon

Steve “Part Time” Glennon

Denver, CO, USA
Instagram: @parttimersteve
HD Panhead

Function over form, above all else. I set out to build a classic, rideable chopper. Reliable and tough, a rider. Nothing too crazy and no shortcuts. Clean lines, sturdy parts, an aggressive stance, and meticulously crafted every step of the way. Something that can withstand the punishment of cross country trips at 90mph.

Nearly every part on this chopper was handmade or modified, with no over the top b.s. to take away from it’s true purpose.

This chop will be done, broken in a few thousand miles before June, and ridden to Cook’s Corner from Denver. Thanks to everyone who votes for me.

Biltwell People's Champ - Jake Hamilton

Jake Hamilton

Elko, NV
Instagram: @dirtytacolove
1957 pan shovel

Well it’s been a long ass week trying to get Poontang Meringue back in one piece for pics for updates. At the moment I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting the rocker boxes shaped and cases and parts prepped and ready for polish. Should be starting on engine and trans builds shortly after that. Finally got the exhaust where I want it so I’ve just been smithing it out and getting it finished. Most of all the big fabrication is done and moving forward am prepping for paint and chrome and small shit like controls and detail pieces on the lathe and Mill. Seats off getting wrapped as we speak. Paint stuff is in and I’m in love with the candy pink so working towards getting laid down. I’m really stoked at how this bike is coming along and am in love with the lines. Thank you to everyone who’s helped out or been there and a special thanks to biltwell for this opportunity again! ,Jake

Biltwell People's Champ - Luke Heafner

Luke Heafner

Monroe, North Carolina
1967 Harley Davidson Shovelhead

Here is some progress on my build. It’s a 1967 FLH Shovelhead engine with 84″ S&S stroker internals in a 1953 Panhead wishbone frame with a Panhead transmission with a polished case. Used a set of Paughco upswept head pipes and shortened them a little and cut up a few other exhaust to get the right bends to fit the mufflers where I wanted them. I spent 25+ hours recently polishing everything I could. The front end is a set of shaved and chromed Panhead adjustable rake side car trees that provide a few degrees of rake to help with the 10″ over forks. Loaded the bike with fins including the Imperial primary cover, kicker cover, AEE coffin air cleaner, Throwback rocker boxes, polished Cycle electric gen/reg combo etc. Running 18″/21″ Invader’s. Modified shovelhead forward controls to work with foot clutch and mechanical brake. Made new brake and clutch rods from hex steel. Viscous Cycles made me and shift knob with a Bats skull. The frame, rear fender and oil tank will be painted by Rusty Nash to match the tank. If you don’t know about the tank, it was the tank off Click Baldwins very first Harley(look him up if you don’t know), a 1969 Ironhead Chopper in the early 70’s. I am very honored to have gotten this from his wife Diane and I just hope I can do it justice. Also big thanks to all my friends and family that have pitched in and helped me get this far. The plan is to get a few hundred miles on it before the show and thousands after. I still have to make a seat, finish sissybar and make a few other things before tearing it down for paint but very happy with the recent progress and hope you like it enough to vote for it to go to California for the big show! Thanks again to Biltwell for all they’ve done and to all the sponsors for making this happen!

Biltwell People's Champ - Kento Oketani

Kento Oketani (Fury)

Long Beach, CA
Instagram: @fury36
HD Panhead/FXR

5 more months until the show. Plenty of time to spend in my project but This is where I am now. I’m chipping away at the list of things that still need to be done every day after work, I have more frame work to finalize , 18×21 spun aluminum disc wheels are being made right now, my engine cases are still at machine shop, finally swingarm is done, gas tank is about half way, the fabric on the seat is just an idea for now, AND still a lot of crazy smaller details I have in my mind. The final voting starts this Friday. If you wanna see something crazy come to life and me ride this thing to cooks corner vote for my build.

Biltwell People's Champ - Joe Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez

Riverside, Ca USA
Instagram : @swabbie_joe
1966 H-D Shovelhead

This has been an awesome experience and hopefully we can keep it going to get this build down to Cooks Corner!! 1966 HD Shovelhead with a 35” over original Denver’s springer for that killer stance… Its been coming together pretty smooth, I’ve gotten the chain driven primary set up in place with a clutch hub that I machined smooth, that will also be paired with a “lee inspired” foot clutch set up I made.  Im also running an internal throttle now pulling a Super B carb with a thunder jet for better reliability. This builds not meant to hide, it’ll be ridden hard so I’m building it to last. I eliminated the ugly oil bag mounts and hid everything to give it the look as though it’s floating in the frame. I’ll also be doing the same, eliminating the mounts on the gas tank as well.
Lots of awesome details coming up with 5 months to go still until the show, plenty of time to get her done and rollin!!   Again, thanks to everyone for reaching out and supporting me getting this far. Get a vote in for me and we’ll see you down at Cooks Corner!
Biltwell People's Champ - Travis Stuckey

Travis Stuckey
Omaha Nebraska
1952 HD panhead

HI I am Travis Stuckey from Omaha Nebraska. I want to say thanks to Biltwell for doing this and to all the sponsors of this contest, it has been a fun ride.
My plan is to ride my bike from Omaha to Cooks Corner to show big custom choppers can and should be ridden. At this point my bike is a roller nearing the point of being torn down for paint. The bike started as a Frame, front end and wheels from Dalton Walker. From there I built the gas tank by narrowing and welding it to the frame to create that 70’s molded chopper look. The oil tank is built out of a 5” tube cut at the angle of the frame with the battery box molded in. I also welded it to the frame to keep with the molded theme. The fender is a Cooper Smith fender I made brackets for and welded it to the frame. I welded a brace underneath it to give it some extra strength. The reason being I am not running a sissy bar or external fender braces. The seat pan is 5/8” tall and molded to the frame and fender to create that low sunk in molded look… The engine is a 1952 Panhead bottom I ground the case halfs to match and a 1965 cam cover to fit. The top end is a later Shovelhead with ground and smoothed rocker boxes. The transmission is a 5into4 Sputhe that I mated to the engine with a 1965 Electric start primary that I had to grind and massage to fit the mismatched combo and 1’ raised transmission. I also made a mid shift set up for the primary, all the linkage, arms, and cover was made by me. The rear brake is a Harley drum with a Lee style brake pedal. The exhaust is a modified Paughco set. I cut and lengthened the front pipe and changed the angle to match the bottom of the frame. The rear pipe is cut and shortened to pull it towards the bike and the angle changed so it matches the angle of the bottom of the oil tank. The handlebars are a set I made for comfort and looks, they are evenly spaced to the top tube. All the angles match as closely as possible. The bottom of the tank matches the oil tank, to the rear pipe and closely matches the frame angle, the bars match the frame angle. I tried to match the angles to create a nice flow. With all that said what I have left is to finish welding the gas tank, make a motor mount, taillight, headlight, and bodywork. I am still not certain about what color to go with, but it will be a pearl or a metal flake. Thanks for reading all of this and if I make it to the next round I will continue overpost updates and build pictures.
Biltwell People's Champ - Ge Targino

Ge Targino

Los Angeles Ca
Instagram: @targinokustoms
HD Panhead

Hello everyone my name is Ge Targino. Since the last vote I took the bike apart cleaned the welds and finish the fab details. I prepped the frame and parts for paint, and chrome. I did the paint at home. I’m following my original project. 

Everything is coming along as planned. My bike is meant to be a commuter.  It’s skinny, it will be fast, it will swerve, it will stops when needed. 

The next step will be put the engine back together, and put it on the frame, install the transmission and finish all the rest. With time and attention to details. 

My inspiration comes from different builders and painters like:  Ron Finch, Johnny Vasko, Jesse J, Indian Larry, Robert Pradke, Pete Finlan. And many others. 

My work is a way to pay respect to those who have been keeping the chopper scene alive for decades. Please check my pictures of fabrication and paint, so you can vote.

Thank you for your for looking and support. Every vote is appreciated.

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