Tyson Buhr

Tyson Buhr
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H-D panhead

What have you done?
I started with a mix of knuckle, pan, and shovel frame castings and built this frame. It’s 1” down, 1” out. Lowered about an inch in the rear and raked a couple degrees. I had to cut a huge section out of the back bone to clear the rear head. I took a low tunnel Wassel and narrowed it and sectioned it to get the tank you see here. Fuel runs through the back bone and comes out under the seat post. The fender is narrowed and I made a little ducktail deal. Oil will be in the fender. For controls it’s lee style brake pedal and foot peg, and the clutch is a piece of old chrome primary chain that’s mounted rigid to the frame. You push in with your heel and it engages the clutch. Risers I made out of an old 2 piece bar top clamp that I chopped up.
What do you have left to do?
My motor is off being gone through, the cases and few other pieces are getting polished. Then reassembled. I have some fab work to finish up (fender oil tank, brake, some final welding on exhaust, etc) then prep some parts for chrome. I’ll be Polishing anything and everything I can on this bike. Transmission carb the whole deal. and what doesn’t get polished will get chromed. Once I’m done with final fab I’ll be tearing the bike down to start the moulding if the bike, then paint and final assembly!
Any problems so far?
Throughout this build I’ve been teaching myself to TIG weld and that’s sort of made the whole thing a headache.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
Honestly I never ever dreamed of owning a panhead and things just worked out and I got this drivetrain shortly before I found out I got into people’s champ. The whole thing has been a trip. But other than just being able to build a crazy bike, Defiantly the frame and tank. The overall stance of this bike is better than I could have imagined And the oil In fender. I’ve always thought having no oil bag is the coolest look ever.
Favorite part of the competition?
Kinda same answer as the last question! But having a reason to build a 100% show bike has been super exiting. Been losing sleep about this bike for a few years and I’m so thankful to have a reason to finally do it. I’ve met some pretty rad folks though out the duration of this too and I’m very thankful for that. I really think the chopper “community” or whatever the hell you wanna call it is second to none. I haven’t met many people who wouldn’t give you the shirt off their back and that’s super rare nowadays.
Shout outs:
Too many!! Brian Jessop for lending / giving me way too much stuff. Aaron Garand for the fender, Elias Klein for helping point me in the right direction, all the homies who have listened to me talk about this bike for the last couple years, and currently. Anyone who’s came by the shop for a beer. My business partner for being patient when I’m dragging my ass after working in the shop til 2. Richard Neufeld for tackling my motor. Icehouse polishing for being willing to do my cases. Lowbrow customs for the discount on parts. I’m sure I’m missing some. Oh, my parents gifting me a linkert. Seriously so thankful for everyone who’s lent a hand.