Travis Stuckey

Travis Stuckey
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Bike Year
Bike Motor
1961 Harley FLH Panhead

What have you done?
Since last update… I prepped and had my parts polished and chromed, I built my Panhead, welded a and made a new gas tank with the headlamp wire running through it, made a seat pan, pre assembled the bike to get a good idea of how it looked, did all of the bodywork, primed and painted the bike, and did some Tom Fugle Multispectral iridescent paint on some parts with Colton Clouse. Before that I made a mid shift setup, fabbed up the exhaust, build a oil tank, modified and molded a fender to the bike, built the rear brake linkage, made mid controls, built the handle bars, etc…
What do you have left to do?
I have reclear/flow coat the clear, buff the paint, send the exhaust to jethot, the axles to chrome, assemble and wire up the bike, and have the seat pan covered. Oh and ride the bike to every show this summer in a 8hr radius.
Any problems so far?
The biggest problem so far was deciding on the paint color and getting the iridescent paint to be what I think will be semi durable. It has only been used on show only bike up to this point, from what I know of that is.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I really like the flow and how all the lines match, the exhaust to the frame and oil bag, the bars to the top of the tank, brake linkage to the frame… I am also happy with what I think is a selection of all usable ridable parts. I do not have a single piece on the bike that I will change from bike for the show to the bike I will ride daily.
Favorite part of the competition?
It makes me pick up the pace on the bike and get it done, also the other people in the show and seeing what they are building.
Shout outs:
Colton for the iridescent knowledge and help, Dalton Walker for the badass parts, Elite Polishing and Dubois for the polish and chrome work. My girlfriend Carrie for putting up with another bike build and all the time spent on it. Oh and Hunny my dog for having to sit in the garage as the loud ass heater is running waiting to go inside to the warm couch. Last but not least Rick @otownhillbilly just because.