Tetsuya Isozaki

Tetsuya Isozaki
Instagram Account
Bike Year
Bike Motor
Pan/Shovel 1200

What have you done?
Single down tube rigid frame
Leaf spring girder front fork
Oil tank
Gas tanks
Exhaust pipes
License plate/ tail light mount

Tank shifter
Headlight mount
Fender brace
What do you have left to do?
Solo seat mount
Mid controls
Final welding on Exhaust, handlebars and tail light mount Tank shift gate Prepping for chrome Painting gas tanks and rear fender Polishing rocker boxes, cam cover, bottom case, cylinder head and transmission Chrome on frame, front fork, oil tank, handlebars, controls and small parts
Any problems so far?
I’m struggling to find correct length speed meter cable because mine is really short (about 24”).
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I like the silhouette of the bike. The view from the front looks very skinny as I intended and I was able to make the bike horizontal from the side view.
Favorite part of the competition?
My favorite part is that I can see other competitors’ inspiring bikes and their progress. Each bike is very unique and has mind-blowing ideas that keep me motivated all the time.
Shout outs:
A big thanks to my wife Iris for always cheering me on, Aki at Hogkillers Inc for getting some parts for me , Biltwell for providing such a great opportunity, Lowbrow Customs for their high-quality parts and other competitors for giving me some suggestions and tips. I also would like to thank all the supporters and friends for encouraging me and pushing me forward.