Steven George

Steven George
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Bike Year
Poor boy, late night, MC build in 1986ish. Portland. No numbers on frame.
Bike Motor
80 in 1985 Evo. 1961 ratchet top
What have you done?
Top end rebuild.  Cam chest. Head work. Oil filter relocation. Full trans rebuild. Shortened trans shaft to work with Evo. Customized modern forks to work with alley choppers “barney’s style” lowers. Metal worked frame top to bottom. Wanted minimal filler. Hand built stainless sissy bar. Full custom seat. Machined toppers for sissy bar and buttons for the seat. Customized oil tank for fitment. Had to machine and re bore and do some wizardry on the old beat up neck and was able to save it. Came up with the hill stop ebrake. For the pesky foot clutch no front brake hill problem. Custom stainless bars. Machine work on the risers for fitment. Machine work on cast hand shifter for fitment.
What do you have left to do?
Waiting on stainless tubing for custom exhaust. Top motor mount. Finish air cleaner. Run brake and oil hard lines. Head and tail light mount. Wiring. Finish custom stainless pegs. Sand, primer, and paint. Paint Will match to frame. Finish stainless kick stand and kicker arm. And build a stainless clutch arm. Finish clutch chain linkage.
Any problems so far?
The neck was mis aligned. Had to true that up. The trans I bought was supposed to be good. Classic sales pitch was indeed. too good to be true.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
Frame. Was built by Jimmy Allen and big Donnie from my club brother Speed mc 30 plus years ago. They have both passed. I got the frame from big Donnies son tanner. Who is now 3rd generation president of Portland. He has a matching frame that is currently on the road. So he sold me this one and the motor. Can’t wait to get it back on the road where it belongs. 2nd, is the hill stop e brake. Is so stoked to be able to showcase that part. I’m really proud of it and there been alot of interest, and that happened fast due to this competition. So thank you.
Favorite part of the competition?
Seeing all the other builders and what they come up with is so rad. It pushes everyone in a positive way.
Shout outs:
Wife, Royal. The McCumsey’s. Last kick cycles. 1918. All my club brothers. The halkyard’s. Ryan owens. Ace Irwin.