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Sean Jackson 2023 People's Champ Show

Sean Jackson
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What have you done?
We started from ground zero by fully disassembling the 48 motor for rebuild, weld repair, and a satin polish of the cases. The frame, front end and inertia starter mount were all designed then the frame was laser cut and bent. I bent the tubing and made the reverse link DAH Hillclimb style springer for the front end. Then we fabricated what you see into a rolling chassis. Once into a roller I made a set of split fuel / oil tanks. One side will act as the engine oil while the other is fuel. I built the two into one collector exhaust pipes. From here we were able to get some more design work done for the Dual Brembo rear brake caliper setup. One of these calipers will actually be hooked to the front brake lever for a hill hold while using the rocker foot clutch. The Inertia starter was mounted and tested for a hand crank position. I made a flip up seat bracket and a set of early 30s style handlebars.

What do you have left to do?
A lot! One of the largest tasks is getting the gearing and pieces made to hook the inertia starter to the primary. The actual 48 motor that is going in the bike also has to be finished along with the trans and satin polishing of the cases. Machining of the trees out of 304 stainless and the rocker ends. Then the entire bike will need disassembled for polish and nickel plating. The foot controls, rocker clutch, hand shift, master cylinders, hand grips, headlight, taillight, paint, center stand, wheel spacers, risers, and one of my favorite features the sand cast dual Linkert intake manifolds that we are making. I am sure I am forgetting something but my head hurts already looking at this list lol.

Any problems so far?
We had some design challenges and my cases actually had some pretty knarly spots that needed welded multiple times. We are far from done so I am sure there will be a few more snags along the way but that’s normal on any build.

Favorite part of the bike so far?
This is a tough one because I have a few but I will say at this point the full size version of the reverse link springer.

Favorite part of the competition?
Honestly the motivation to complete things faster then a “normal” build and getting to know the fellow builders. They are all super cool and are here for the same reasons, building awesome motorcycles.

Shout outs:
Shoutouts to my buddy Gary that has been painstakingly polishing my cases. George for the motor and trans assembly, Kevin @tibbs_76 For all the help with design and modeling, Brian @wudsgoods for the future paint work, and my wife Kelsey for the support and dealing with all the long nights. Also big thanks to Biltwell for hosting this event and giving us the chance to share our stuff with like minded folks!

Sean Jackson 2023 People's Champ ShowSean Jackson 2023 People's Champ ShowSean Jackson 2023 People's Champ ShowSean Jackson 2023 People's Champ ShowSean Jackson 2023 People's Champ Show