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Sean Gallagher
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What have you done?
I started this build to be my personal chopper. I figured why not enter this competition! So I have a 4” chrome inline springer, stock dimension frame, 18” rear wheel and 21” front. I have put a lot of time into the sissy bar and exhaust. These are always my favorite parts to work on. I feel like they make the bike stand out. I’ll also be running an open belt primary with jockey shift and foot clutch. I’m planning on having it torn down and heading to paint by the end of January.
What do you have left to do?
I will be finishing up the exhaust mounts this week and lots more grinding and smoothing. When I tear the bike down for paint I will be working on cleaning up the frame as well. Paint will be done by my friend Brion of @KillerBStudios. He did my last bike and does a great job.
Any problems so far?
There must have been a handful of problems every day. But I try to put those out of my mind and move on. Everything always seems to take longer to do than planned.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I really am liking how the exhaust came out. I still have to work on them, but I like how the pipes flow.
Favorite part of the competition?
It’s been an honor to take part in this. Its always a great competition and I’ve been to almost every one of the parties at Cooks Corner. Watching all these guys build some amazing bikes, push myself to do my best, and looking forward to being at the show either way!
Shout outs:
Biltwell for putting on this competition of course. Lisa at Chopcult for always supporting the community. Lectron for supplying this amazing carb. Lowbrow for carrying the best chopper goods (fender, tank, and tires are all from them plus they carry my No School Choppers parts!). @Silverbackmoto for these badass apes. @pangeaspeed for the perfect foot controls. for the solo seat and P-pad. And Brion for the paint that will be in the near future! And a big shoutout to all my homies in Colorado and around the country!