Sam Allen

Sam Allen
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Osage City
United States
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Generator Shovelhead
What have you done?
I’ve gone through both the engine and transmission. When I say that I mean I did it all in my own machine shop. I purchased bare Speed and Science heads. I fill them with Kibblewhite valves and used Leinwebber triple springs to accommodate the Evo grind E7S cam. The Speed and Science rocker boxes are filled with S&S evo roller rockers giving the valves a total lift of .575” The cylinders are S&S 3.625” bored .20 over. I cut the base down in order to get the pistons up to .000 deck height and get the squish area down to.028”. All this is pushed by a set of S&S 4.5” stroker wheels and Supreme rod. I changed the oiling path in the lower end to push all high pressure oil to the Velva Touch lifters first and all secondary oil goes to the rods. The top end has evo style oiling through the pushrods. The fuel is delivered by a 400 Lectron carb. The fuel delivery is Monitored by an oxygen sensor in the rear exhaust pipe and an Air/Fuel gauge from RB Racing.
The transmission is nothing more than a ratchet top filled with Andrews gears.

Moving on to the whole bike. I modified the 41mm lowers so the duel disk brakes would work with the narrow Panga Speed triple tree. I bored the Triple tree from 39mm to 41mm. I also built my own fork brace.

The handlebars and foot controls are all made of stainless steel. I designed and built them to fit me. The exhaust is also stainless steel. I decided to do a stepped exhaust from 1.75” up to 2”. The bends are all pie/lobster cut and welded by hand. The top motor mount is also a stainless steel piece I designed and built.
Over the course of the build I’ve switched seats several times. The final version is an old LePera bare bones that I modified with some extra foam and stitched my own seat cover.

The gas tank is just a later model Sportster tank with modified mounts to fit my frame. The bike is 99% finished now. It is running and riding. As of now I have it tuned fairly well.
What do you have left to do?
As far as what’s left, not much. The painted tins should be back in my possession right after the first vote. At that time I will install the painted Gas and oil tank. Then I will send all of the stainless steel pieces out for polishing. This all should take around 2 weeks.
Any problems so far?
The biggest problem I have had is getting the carb tuned in. The other problem was the fact that I had to get most of the fab work done and get the bike running before December 5th. I work on the road and after that date I would only be in my shop for 1 day every two weeks.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
My favorite part of this bike is the old Chrome panhead rear fender.
Favorite part of the competition?
I like the entire thing. I think the fact that the bikes have to actually run is the best part.
Shout outs:
Thanks to Panga Speed & Lowbrow customs for cool stuff. Thanks to Jacob Conard for steering me into Colin Garvey’s direction for photos. Kyle Ireland for the paint job.