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Robert Mayer 2023 People's Champ

Robert Mayer
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What have you done?
Fully built gooseneck/swanneck style frame. It’s fit with a @northernspringers 30” over springer. T-Bars on top, talked to my buddy Drew @evolutioncycles and we came up with this 6” rise with a little forward twist on top. The frame is tripple 1/4” plated at the neck to keep it super strong while keeping that area of the bike thin. Moves back to a lowbrow tank that I sunk then fully molded to the frame. Did a little twist on the King-Queen seat separated and molded them individually to the rear fender. Hand formed Diamond sissy bar that attatches to the Queen seat with no visible hardware. Handformed “skinny” oil bag that molds to frame and rear fender. I did not want a tall visible top motor mount so I’m building a side mount that attatches to 2 strong points on lower portion of the frame. Built Custom Frisco style high mids. Running lights off a early Pontiac flipped sideways.

What do you have left to do?
Lots do yet. Need to finish off all the fabricated parts for nickel plating. Headlight bracket, mids, jockey shift, bars. Springer. The frame will be fully molded and receive an over-the-top “show” quality Kandy paint job by my brother and I. Need to rebuild the motor and transmission fully polished and powder coated. Gonna build my own air cleaner and sneak in some resin casting throughout the bike. Those are the big things anyway.

Any problems so far?
Building this bike mostly with a torch, plasma cutter and mig/tig. I don’t have a lathe or any high tech machines sometimes it’s hard to create what I have in my head with limited equipment. But at the same time it makes each part have a little more character. I messed up and tweaked the rear half of my frame the first time around so I had to cut it up and straighten it out.

Favorite part of the bike so far?
Favorite part is definitely finding the headlights. I know I wanted an oval shape and 2. These worked out perfectly.

Favorite part of the competition?
Favorite part is watching the other builders create. Gives me a good push and allows me to push even harder!

Shout outs:
Most of all my girlfriend. She has pushed me and motivated me more then I can explain. My dad for helping with Henry (my son) in the mornings so I could get a couple hours in before work. My brother who is always pushing me to do better. And my co-workers Tristen and Darren.

Robert Mayer 2023 People's ChampRobert Mayer 2023 People's ChampRobert Mayer 2023 People's ChampRobert Mayer 2023 People's ChampRobert Mayer 2023 People's Champ