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Mike Muller
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What have you done?
So far I have done a rough assembly on the bike allowing me to ride break in the motor and take care of any problems there might be mechanically. I have begun experimenting with heat treating the sheet metal and am pretty happy with the results. I will probably need to redo everything with a proper clear coat to seal it. My narrow springer front end is near completion. I was finally able to mock it up to check geometry and its looking like a go! Otherwise I\’ve just been experimenting with different handle bar combos, backup front ends, tail light options. You know the old chopper dress up game!
What do you have left to do?
I still need to finish welding up the springer. I want to something cool with the exhaust. I need clean up the frame, window the neck, fill any voids etc. I would like to do custom mid controls if I have time. Need to finish the sissy bar, mount the tail light. Get all the stainless polished and the springer chromed! Theres a lot more to do!
Any problems so far?
So far I haven\’t had too many issues with the bike. The springer has been interesting. Its my first attempt at building one and I\’ve been struggling to figure out how to get the geometry dialed in. But I think I\’ve got it sorted now. The motor is fitted with a Rivera SU carb that\’s behaving the like there\’s a serious vacuum leak so that needs to be addressed! Pretty standard for Harley motors. Otherwise the cases seem to be holding oil no major leaks thankfully!
Favorite part of the bike so far?
So far just being able to build and ride this panhead around has been a dream! It\’s my first one so its something special for sure. You just can\’t beat the look of a pan motor! The heat treated tins are something I\’ve always wanted to try and I think they came out pretty cool for the first attempt. If I can get the springer welded up and functioning it will be rad. It could be the highlight of the bike if it comes out right.
Favorite part of the competition?
For me the best part of the whole competition was being able to meet everyone involved. These guys are all super rad and I\’m stoked as hell to meet them all come June. I have a tendency to lose motivation in competitive arenas especially when I\’m up against some serious talent but its been nothing but friendly and helpful in this group of builders.
Shout outs:
I wanna shout out to Lumpy Painter for getting me signed up for the competition literally on the last night. Zach Gosteli for helping me with pretty much anything and everything on this build and for keeping me hyped on the whole thing. Jeff Shultz, I wouldn\’t even have the bike if it wasn\’t for him. Caleb Owens for teaching me everything I know about Harley\’s and choppers, he\’s always been happy to take time to pass down that chopper knowledge. Samantha my wife for supporting me throughout this whole process. Also Nico Voit for shooting some amazing photography of my build and shop.