Luke Morris

Luke Morris
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Panhead EL

What have you done?
Painted Jet Black with gold leaf and ox blood pinstripe. Chrome the rear fender bracket. All chrome and polished hardware. Drew’s cocktail shakers with upswept pipes. Fully polished linkert. Rebuild trans and motor. Had to straight the original front end. Made some brass pieces for the clutch rocker pedal, brake pedal and a speedo delete plate. This will all be engraved along with a linkert bird deflector. Rebuild the original cycle rays head light. Custom leather work done to a reworked bates style seat. All the patterns for the tank bib, front and rear mud flap made.
What do you have left to do?
Still need to build the patterns for the “B” side saddle bag. Going to do a Buco style bag that matches the rest of the leather work. Custom brass engraving is coming along, speedo delete is almost done. Still need to get the brake pedal, clutch pedal and linkert bird deflector done. Need to re work front pipe to fit the shorter EL jugs. Also need to build a bracket for the cocktail shakers. Linkert has been polished but still need to rebuild. Then it’s just all the normal bike building things like wiring, plumbing and the such.
Any problems so far?
Lots but nothing that can’t be fixed. Frontend didn’t want to go together but figured out it was bent a little, lucky for me my buddy Jeff Leighton in SLC has a jig and reworked it for me.
Have some work to do on the front pipe but I feel I’m on the downward slope.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I’m excited to get the leather work and custom brass engraved pieces done.
Favorite part of the competition?
I really wanted to get this bike done for a big trip in June. I usually wait til the last minute and never have enough time to get all the bugs figured out. Having to have the bike done by April will give me plenty of time to brake this bike in good.
Shout outs:
Have to say thanks Todd Asin for helping work out some ideas and hooking me up with some much needed custom pieces. B Diamond leather for the custom leather work. My boy Tony Medellin for the incredible engraving work. Chris with Mor Speed shop for the pinstripe work.