Lenny Ruiz

Lenny Ruiz
Instagram Account
Bike Year
2021 LPR 1-Off
Bike Motor
82 HD shovelhead

What have you done?
1-off frame, stainless steel wishbone springer, textured the triple trees & rockers. Made the front axle, haven’t got to the rear axle yet, fork stem, handle bars, grips, pegs, mid controls, clutch arm, linkages, bell cranks, oil tank, oil cap, exhaust, fender struts, a few mounting bungs and tabs I needed asap. Wheel spacers, a bunch of frame inlays, seat bracket, hand shifter. Everything was scratch build in mostly 304 stainless, except the frame is mild, I still am working on a tank, and a headlight bracket that”ll get welded and smoothed into my middle tree.

As for the motor, I rebuilt the top end, freshened the lower end up, polished then brushed all the cases and heads, i textured the heads to match my front end. The heads had a lot of work also like dual plugged, external oil returns, exhaust ports upgraded to tri-bolt type, and did some intake port and manifold flow work. Also welded oil passages on the split rocker boxes I massaged into shape. Freshened trans up!
What do you have left to do?
Some odds and ends, finish stainless gas tank I’m messing with now, weld the springer in the fixture, paint, polish, plating, rip around town on the lil” sumbitch!
Any problems so far?
Not as of yet, but there is still time, don’t you worry about that. Lol.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
The rear section of frame, and neck area. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. Not to shabby for my 1st round with a frame!
Favorite part of the competition?
Favorite part of the comp. Has to be the great opportunity to utilize Biltwells enormous platform to reach a giant swath of the custom chopper community!
Shout outs:
Gotta thank Biltwell for hosting this event, Lowbrow customs for being extremely generous with their parts, time, and social media presence, I gotta thank the people who made me parts, who helped with this build weather they know it or not, RKB Kustom speed for knocking out these stainless invaders, 7metalwest for banging out this beautiful brass fender, Marion metal works for cutting up my stainless springer components, DBMachine for machining my springer pivots, FAB Kevin for making the stainless kicker arm, Ryan McQuiston for sending me these bad ass collars, Speedking racing for this rear brake setup, S&S, Jim’s, Morris Magneto, ARP, Titan, my family for putting up with this! Lol.