Kyle Sonneborn

Kyle Sonneborn
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What have you done?
Most everything’s done mounted tank fender controls making sure everything fits the way it should and works properly which is most important
What do you have left to do?
At this point in time Just do a sissy bar break it down and paint it.
Any problems so far?
When I started to build the idea was to take the motor apart and hopefully just do a quick top and rebuild I quickly realized that the motor was completely shot. inside every part was worthless including the oil pump. so it all had to be rebuilt and I mean everything. Every bushing and cam all the gears new Pistons. Even the heads are completely rebuilt with new seats ,valve springs even had a new exhaust ports wild it on.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I guess my favorite part would be the rocker clutch I turned into a mid control foot clutch. It works great and looks clean
Favorite part of the competition?
Talking shit with some of the other guys. Keeps me motivated and laughing
Shout outs:
First. My wife I’m in the garage a lot and she’s cool with it. Probably likes it that way.
Bill Coleman of Coleman speed shop here in Maryland. One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet smartest person when it comes to anything machining oriented or motor oriented for that matter without him I will probably wouldn’t have a motor.
Big ups to my homie Murph always shooting me ideas or Solutions and has already offered to come over with a case of beer to wire and fire this pig
Really the whole crazy apes crew. josh, Donny with a Y. Sean , Glen and Adam (the new guy). Always down to help if I need it more so just being there for encouragement and telling me to check my spelling haha