John Moorehead

John Moorehead
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80 inch Shovelhead

What have you done?
Everything I’ve done so far has been fabrication focused. I wanted to get parts just far enough to give you the over all idea what I was going for. I will go back and refine every part on the bike. Every nut, bolt, weld and or part will be gone over and cleaned up or, replaced or refinished. Starting with the frame I windowed the neck and cut off all the tabs that come on a repop replica wishbone frame. I also added all the necessary metal for the molding along the way. I made the top clamp for the front end as well as the bars. I hid the mounts on the gas tank along with cutting the top of the the tank off to frame this Harley badge that will get moulded in and painted over. I made the queen/queen seat pan, sissy bar, fender side skirts, break set up, clutch setup, exhaust and tank shift. I tried to modify every part in some way without it looking overly done.
What do you have left to do?
Like I said before there’s a ton of metal finishing and grinding left to do. Most of what I’ve done is a proof of concept or prototype. I plan on needle scaling and parkerizing a lot of the parts I made to give them a cast look. I plan to wire and fire the bike before tear down. Once that happens moulding starts which there is a ton of. The whole frame will be moulded and painted as well as the sissy bar and handle bars. Paint is going to be root beer candy brown with bright pops of colors, and fades to black.
Any problems so far?
The only real problem I encounter is time. I feel like I have to reign it in sometimes because my ideas are bigger than my timeline.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
My favorite part of the bike is the over all stance/ profile. It’s the first thing you notice no matter how close you are to the bike. Then as you get closer you start to see all the little subtle details I like to add. I like the less is more approach so I try to incorporate a balance of that with a ton of custom made parts that you won’t see anywhere else.
Favorite part of the competition?
I love the feedback I’ve been getting after making a post online. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes I have to prove the haters wrong but either way it’s an aspect of building I haven’t seen before.
Shout outs:
Bubba Boley @vintagegroovepaint for the paint and design input Zakk Harnish @z_harnish for the parts and tools Curran Blevins @mcurranblevins for the media help Photo and video KatieB @ktbaudino for being the best first wife and supporting all my endeavors.