Jimi Andrix

Jimi Andrix
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1940 EL Knucklehead

What have you done?
It all started with a pile of tubes, an idea, and a bit of computering. I designed the frame in a cad program, then i started the bends, and the assembly in a jig. Just like that a digger frame was born. My goal was to nail down as much as possible before the vote for the final 6. I built the rear fender, the special oil tank with the pipes coming thru it, the exhaust system, the seat pan, i machined my foot controls.. everything is hand made or machined in my little dusty shop. Including the dual Lectron carburetors intake manifold. In the last few days I roughed in the fender strut which is also used as a center stand. I don’t like to throw in some useless eye candy so i figured id multipurpose this piece.
What do you have left to do?
Everything is left to do. Im dedicated to build every single part for this motorcycle so the task is huge. Next up on the list is getting the tank shifter mechanism done. Then ill cast the intake manifold using the mold i made with the 3D printer. Believe it or not ill be hiding the primary chain i machined in a beautiful one of a kind primary. Naturally ill be rebuilding the motor and trans before initial startup. Once its all set, chrome and brass plating is to come! I have something very special in mind for the paintjob but you\’ll have to follow along to see it.
Any problems so far?
Everything went awfully smooth so far. The bike is building itself. Every piece i make gives me ideas for the next one. I have to admit, the internet jungle is kinda new to me so i find it difficult to really capture the spirit of this beautiful machine.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
You cant build a bike overnight. And you cant do it without a whole lot of sitting and thinking. It takes time, passion, dedication, a little bit of craziness and a load of will. Thats what went into this 1940 EL Knuckle. And thats what i love the most about it. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like in the end. I just enjoy building it. Being on the edge of perfection. Starting from a bunch of raw material and turning it into a rolling work of art is truly self rewarding.
Favorite part of the competition?
This year’s biltwellpeopleschamp is unique i think. Every single builder is a thru gentlemen and i couldn’t be happier to have met all these people. We help each other, we talk shit to each other and we throw ideas to each other. Couldn’t be better
Shout outs:
I want to shoutout everyone that reached out to me with their kind comments and inputs. Shoutout and good luck to all the inital 24 builders for this year’s competition. Also a special thank you to Josh for putting this together, the guys from the show, Lowbrows Customs, sickcycle AL, rawhide cycles, Lectron fuel systems and everybody involved in the peoples champ ! Thank you all.