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Jim McLaughlin
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What have you done?
I have always loved the XR750. They look fast, they sound fast and they are fast. There is nothing about that bike that wasn’t cool and they’re one of the winningest machine in motor-racing history. I wanted a unique spin on the XR750 that was street legal, so I put a knucklehead into a shovelhead frame. Added an inverted Buell front end and disk brake, which is modern, performance-oriented and adds a beefy look to the bike. I completely re-made a 58-72 swing arm so it clears the 18″ rear tire and looks better. Handmade the rear fender and oil tank, completely re-worked a repop XR750 gas tank. Line bored the risers on the Buell top clamp so I can use 1″ handlebars. I laced the wider 19/18 rims onto newer XL/FX Harley hubs. 14″ Fox FXR shocks in the rear. I made a High Left side stainless steel exhaust out of pre-bent sections. Castrated an old S&S intake to fit the new Lectron carb nice and tight to the engine. I am not 100% but this might be the first flat-tracker knucklehead, with an inverted front end and Lectron Carb?
What do you have left to do?
I need to finish the foot controls. I think that I am going to re-make the headlight plate, I am not sure I like what I have right now. I want to add some 1/8″ round stock to the edge of the rear fender, in order to soften that edge and make it look a little more complete. I am going to do a FXR style hinged seat, finished in some rich Corinthian leather. For the paint I want to do an XR750 style paint job in dark green and slate gray. I also want to darken up the transmission so it more closely matches what I did with the engine. Then it is just primary covers, rear brake, everything I forgot to do, choke, retard, kick, go!
Any problems so far?
There was something almost every day, I just tried to take it a bite at a time and not compromise on the overall goal I had for the bike. The biggest problem was the lack of sleep! Lying awake at night thinking about the thing. Couple that with a new born and I was pretty much living off coffee and weld fumes.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
For some reason, I really like the B-side. I think the high left exhaust really does it for me.
Favorite part of the competition?
I meet some great people because of this competition. I hope to meet those people in person at Born Free in August!
Shout outs:
My wife for taking care of our boy while I was working on the bike, she’s a good’un. My Brother and father have been a huge help the last few months. It was awesome getting to spend time with them working on it. My college buddy Ryan for helping/teaching me the ways of sheet metal manipulation. C.T. Newman and Jamesville for fielding all my questions throughout the process. Biltwell gave us some cash for parts, which was great. Lowbrow was super helpful with a 20% discount. I was getting parts from them almost weekly. Nash Motorcycle sent me one of their Swift Kick kick starter arms and it is a super nice piece, I’ve been wanting one for years. Lectron gave me a HD250 carb, which was a NASA level upgrade for this old Knucklehead. If you’re still reading this, I’ll buy you a beer at Cook’s if you vote for me. Screenshot that shit though, I have trust issues…