Jacob Conard

Jacob Conard
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United States
Bike Year
Bike Motor
2013 Harley 103”/ 6 speed Twin Cam

What have you done?
I’ve done 50 lbs of shit in a 10 lb timeframe. Picked the motor up a week after getting chosen then designed and built an entire frame from scratch for a twin cam motor out of a road glide. Scrambled to order all the parts I wasn’t making or needed cause I literally had nothing for this bike yet. So after the frame was done I split a frisco sporty tank shell into two separate tanks to accent the twin top tubes, widened the rear fender by 7/8” then formed the tail light housing thing into it, made some louvered fxr style side covers after first making the louver dies themselves, then just general shit like wheels and tires along with shaving lowers and rehabbing the front end. Also had to make a special press die for the tunnels on my twin tanks so they’d sit how i want.
What do you have left to do?
Gotta mount the fender finally, get the bottoms welded on my tanks and get those mounted up. Gotta design and make struts, high ish mid controls, seat pan and foam, a custom oil cooler, a few more aluminum panels that will block off electrical items along with mount the side covers for real once some hardware gets here, then I think just motor work and paint after that. Motor is getting some easy start cams to ditch the compression release valves and converting it to carb so gotta do all the ignition electrical bullshit to make it run.
Any problems so far?
I mis drew the slot in the axle plates I designed and had laser cut and didn’t realize til they were welded on completely so I cut them off and replaced em with new ones. Actually only took about 2.5 hours total so not too bad. Other than that it’s going pretty well considering it’s the first full frame I’ve ever made.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
Definitely the twin top tube frame and then the wheels. It’s a nod to old school Bmx bikes for sure.
Favorite part of the competition?
I love seeing what other builders come up with and how they approach things and then to what extent they’ll go to get there. I’ve met some awesome people this year too that I can’t wait to grab a beer with in the future.
Shout outs:
First off my wife for not killing me for being at the shop all the time she’s the fucking best. My boss who lets me work out of my day job shop after hours to do motorcycle stuff. Everyone at lyndall brakes for being my second family and having my back 100%. All the badass sponsors of PC who reach out to help or even re post and show support to people like me who are trying to do the damn thing and then finally biltwell for this show and the show and giving relatively unknown builders a chance to shine.