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Greg Gagnon
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What have you done?
I tried to build something that’s tied to the styles I love, but has something unique or original mixed in. It started when I built the headlight mount to test this idea of layered pieces of stainless that leaves a pocket once welded up and finished. Once the idea worked, I ran with it and made a ton of parts from the controls, pegs, top motor mount, tail light.. the list goes on. I figured if it was worth doing, I’d run with it and tie it all in as a theme. I cut out flat stainless trim that would be left exposed on the tanks and fender. I made the sissy bar from 304 stainless rod. I used the Biltwell exhaust builders kit to fab up the exhaust. Everything from lacing the front wheel, shaving the lowers, rebuilding the transmission, all of the welding and general fabrication, I did myself.
What do you have left to do?
I’m pretty far along, but the bike isn’t done. I still have to wire everything, clean out the carb and get that setup, sort out the generator, and some general hardware and small details to get it ready to run.
Any problems so far?
The biggest issue I ran into was the motor being less than ideally rebuilt. Luckily I have amazing friends, Stew and Rob, that helped me get it fixed up and sorted out. Fabrication wise, things went pretty smooth by my standards, but not a single part on this bike was made “first try”. I would make most of my parts out of 14g mild steel to test the fit, function and look before cutting it out of stainless. Sometimes this meant doing things 2 or 3 times, but that’s all part of the process!
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I think my favorite part so far is the exposed stainless trim combined with the insane paint job by Alex at Kooks Custom Paint. I always wanted to try the exposed stainless look, but with flat pieces instead of round stock. It was a total pain in the ass for Alex, but he tied that trim in to perfection and it truly is something to see in person.
Favorite part of the competition?
My favorite part of this competition has been connecting with the other 23 builders, and connecting with people that I look up to and have been inspired by.
Shout outs
Alex Brault (@bigalbones) has been the MVP taking photo and video of my process along the way. He’s really put in the extra mile to provide me with polished coverage of my work.

Alex Leduc at Kooks Custom Paint (@kookscustompaint) pulled off the best paint job I’ve ever seen. It’s beyond what I was hoping for and truly is my favorite part of the bike.

Stew McAndrew (@stew_mcandrew) and Rob Kelly took the time to open up and fix my Panhead. They’re also responsible for teaching me how to rebuild a star hub properly, rebuild a transmission, and have been my go to friends for anything mechanical. Truly lucky to know them!

Butts Seats (@buttsseats) for sending me the nicest seat in the game. He also sent me all the left over leather he had that I was able to inlay my parts with. Can’t say enough about his customer service!