Eric Allard

Eric Allard
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Harley Shovelhead

What have you done?
Custom frame, fender, oil bag and made it into a roller with a custom dual chain primary. T
What do you have left to do?
Risers, handlebars, exhaust, seat, mount fender, mount oil bag, mount gas tank, and finish the custom mag setup that drives off the primary sprocket. There is also a bunch of other details on the bike that need some attention and finishing.
Any problems so far?
Short time frame has been quite the issue, but I am moving quite a bit along now!
Favorite part of the bike so far?
The aluminum sheet metal and engraving work done. I think it will give it a great look!!
Favorite part of the competition?
The motivation that comes with it to get this bike done!!
Shout outs:
Mat, Tony D, Bill D, Harv, everyone that has helped to get to this point and my wife for letting me work on this thing so much!!