Cliff Cavins

Cliff Cavins
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San Diego
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What have you done?
-Deraked and demolded the frame. replaced the top tube. the hardtail incorporates the existing swingarm tubes and chain tensioners.
-assembled the motor, welded the cases and motor mount
-fabricated a one handed handlebar setup with internal throttle
-fabricated headers that route the exhaust into the frame rails. which includes slotting holes in the frame and plates and gaskets to bolt up
-fabricated floorboards that are welded to the nosecone and drive sprockett cover
-fabricated a brake mount that holds a sporty master cylinder against the cam chest
-fabricated a clutch pivot and lever that tucks next to the floorboard
-fabricated a set of 30 over rigid forks, that will be getting some moving parts to make it into a single legged springer fork (spork)
-fabricated a sissybar that sits about 7 foot tall, and will be getting my headlight on top of it, to shine over me
What do you have left to do?
-finish the engineering and fabrication on the front end
-remake the sissybar to incorporate the headlight
-finish the exhaust manifolds and exit holes under the bike
-get the frame/exhaust and forks chromed, cause i cant paint the frame if its gonna be 500 degrees
Any problems so far?
no, i just followed the instructions, just like ikea.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
probably the exhaust, i cant wait to hear this thing screamin thru the frame!
but the forks should really be something different and cool
Favorite part of the competition?
the motivation to get this project movin, or the excuse to get all my friends over to my house all the time.
Shout outs:
my wife and kids and my friends have been there every day to help me with this, its a real community effort. the guys over at rawhide cycles gave me a good deal on their awesome parts.