Cho Ji-Yong

Cho Ji-Yong
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South Korea
Bike Year
Bike Motor
79 FXS

What have you done?
I chopped the Harley-Davidson FXS Stock Frame with the motif of yin and yang misbehavior. We are making a Fenda and a tank around the frame, and the front fork is equipped with a 35mm vintage Kawasaki Mx fork. I thought I didn’t need a front brake, so I used a spool wheel and specially made a triple tree. The triple tree was narrow, so the handle riser was installed using a fork cap and a narrow handlebar was made accordingly. Maybe it will take another month for me to complete.
What do you have left to do?
In the future, the tanks, the fenda’s sheet metal, the oil tanks that fit the frame perfectly, the mufflers and engines that all fit into the frame, the de-drying and polishing of the transmission mission were left. The paint is thinking about the sunset.
Any problems so far?
Personally, the factory caught fire while working in Korea for the past 10 years and building a new factory. It was a big wound, but I’m overcoming it. The other problem is that we stay up all night making bikes. I can’t stop working.
Favorite part of the bike so far?
It’s my job to make and operate it myself, so I like the frame that I made myself.
Favorite part of the competition?
I’m happy about having American friends. And we can get a lot of communication, so be kind. When the competition is over, I have many places to go even if I go to America. It’s like a festival. Appreciate the organizer.
Shout outs:
If you want to see my bike in America, cheer for me. Thank You !