Brian Hamm

Brian Hamm
Instagram Account
San Luis Obispo
United States
Bike Year
80s Santee frame
Bike Motor
1980 Cone Shovel

What have you done?
So far I’ve made handlebars, got both my wheels spaced and figured out, molded a wassle tank to my frame, molded little accents elsewhere in the frame, molded a tube under my gas tank to hide all the wires coming down the tank, I pulled the motor apart, sent it off to get vapor honed, same as the trans, mounted fender, built a sissy bar, figured out and mounted my three taillights, molded a headlight into the Downtubes of the frame, mounted oil bag, had some amazing people make some awesome parts to put on the bike.
What do you have left to do?
To finish the bike up, I have to rebuild the motor when it’s back from machine shop, finish up some final fab touches on my sissy’s bar and taillight section, prime and paint the bike, polish all the stainless, re work a thing or two I’m on the fence about. Finalize the internal throttle And a few other small details and then loctite everything and twist some throttle.
Any problems so far?
Lots of problems, that’s half the fun. Putting old parts into frames they aren’t suppose to be in is always interesting. Had a few snags with the hydraulic juice drum in this Santee frame. Made some rookie mistakes not taking my time on a few things, but it’s all in good fun. It will work out to be a rad bike, I’m stoked
Favorite part of the bike so far?
My favorite part of this build so far is the sissy bar and molding on this bike. I’m really stoked to pull inspiration from an old ironhead I saw a show one time and mold a FNA headlight into the frame behind the front wheel!
Favorite part of the competition?
Favorite part of the contest is going to be meeting all these rad dude working their asses off to make a rad motorcycle to present. Can’t wait to see them all at born free!
Shout outs:
Big shout outs to:
4th floor custom
FNA Customs
Juniors handmade
Hypnicjerk Customs
Prism supply
Anguri Italian Special
Andrix motorcycles
Greasewood Co., handlebars
Deep Six Cycles
The other 24
And anyone else I’ve missed you know who you are!