Brandon Oddy

Brandon Oddy 2023 People's Champ

Brandon Oddy
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British Columbia
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What have you done?
I started with a stock swingarm frame, which was hard tailed, with lots of metal work and molding throughout. I shaved off as much junk as possible and shaped everything to my liking. Next went to building the front end, which is a 10” over 33.4mm front end with extended lowers and a shaved top tree with molded in risers so it’s all one piece. The tank and fender also got some extensive molding, with sort of tunnels/flairs on either side of the tank and a built in ironcross on the rear fender which will look seamless to the fender after body work and paint. I then built all the bolt on parts and little details out of checker plate material and square stock. Shotgun style exhaust was built to tie everything all together.

What do you have left to do?
I have some very minor details left, such as brake linkage and primary assembly. Then tear it apart and do the body work, paint and get the parts that were built all plated. After that final assembly, wiring and plumbing. After it’s all said and done, ride the hell out of it!

Any problems so far?
No major problems so far. Just getting stumped or overwhelmed and remembering to step back, take a good break, and come back with fresh eyes.

Favorite part of the bike so far?
I really love the whole front end of the bike, from the extended lowers to the molded riser top tree combo. Also all the parts I built out of the checker plate, I’ve seen it used before but I think I nailed it with that detail.

Favorite part of the competition?
I loved going to work on the bike and seeing the ideas I’ve had for this bike come to life. Also just all love from people online who I have never met being so stoked on the build and giving me nothing but encouragement

Shout outs:
Thanks to all my friends and loved ones who are always firing me up, and everyone who has shown this build some love

Brandon Oddy 2023 People's ChampBrandon Oddy 2023 People's ChampBrandon Oddy 2023 People's ChampBrandon Oddy 2023 People's ChampBrandon Oddy 2023 People's Champ