Andrew Iniguez

Andrew Iniguez
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Santa Ana
Bike Year
Bike Motor
TR6 Preunit

What have you done?
Frame : started off w/ a 57’ preunit swingarm frame, cut and shaved all the swingarm stuff on the front section and then integrated a factory rigid rear section. I wanted to run a factory rear section to have all those cast mounts and axle plates. I then had to relocate the motor and trans cast mounts on to the rigid rear section. All cast parts will he chrome plated.

Fender : fabricated some large scoops and utilized these scoops to run my rear tail lights. I casted some lens out of some expoxy resin.

Tank : Currently has a Mark Drew’s tank. I’m building a similar style tank that will be used as a fuel and oil tank.

Front Wheel : 21” high shoulder borrani WM1 with a Firestone 2.75. Will be putting a hallcraft  hub

Rear : 19” high shoulder borrani with a Pirelli 4.00 19” MT53

Motor : TR6

Front End : Mick’s Springer 10+

Pipes : lowbrow header tubes with NOS Anderson Kittleson Cocktails

Bars : Stelling and Hellings 7/8 barsWhat do you have left to do?

Finish my hand formed Gas/ Oil tank. Will be running oil through the frame like the older triumphs.

Planning to throw a Bonneville head with dual monoblocs and possibly inverted.

Make a center kickstand
Any problems so far?
On my 3rd attempt on my gas/oil tanks… hoping to make this concept into reality
Favorite part of the bike so far?
I put a lot of effort and time on the tins…so this will be my fav part on the bike. Just like the old traditional show bikes with molded in tins.
Favorite part of the competition?
Learned how to form and shape metal, It’s not as easy as it looks. There’s times when I’ve been wanting to give up but I’m sure I’ll get it on the next try
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